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"VizHaus" happy to offer you architectural 3D visualization of your buildings!
It's a special offer! Stars from 99 euro.

You will get for the price:
- 1 image of house (1920x1080px / HD)
- 4 facade image on white background (1600x1200px)

Performance period: from 2 days.

To make an order send us: Floor plans, Facades, Roof Plan, Color Schemes for details (required)
Also you can send images or some sketches.

We always provide high quality 3d rendering and architectural modeling. You can see just a part of our projects.
We have made over 3000 project. More images on Facebook...
House visualizationexterior visualization3D renderingRender of house3D exterior visualizationexterior hauspassiv bau haus3D renderingVisualization of a beautiful home3D Visualization house projectrender
3D Visualization of a house in Germanyrendering3Dvizhaus rendering
About Us
VizHaus, affiliated company to RenderWork, is a russian 3d visualization company headquartered in Moscow, Russian Federation.
It's a famous studio in Commonwealth of Independent and some european countries. Founded in 2005 by success Moscow designers.
RenderWork established itself as a strong company in the russian visualization market.
The company is best known for the 3d visualization of buildings and cottages.
Russian Federation / Moscow
For all questions - info@vizhaus.com
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